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Proving once again—if any further proof was needed—that no slight is below his notice or unworthy of a response, Donald Trump decided to start the morning by attacking the Red Hen restaurant. The owner of the Red Hen, informed that Press Secretary Sarah Sanders was there by employees who were upset by her presence in the midst of national outrage over the policy that Trump enacted and Sanders repeatedly lied to defend, politely took her aside and asked her to leave. But the people who just went all the way to the Supreme Court to insist that a business owner has the right to refuse service over an innate feature of a person’s biology, have been outraged that a business owner refused service to someone who daily dishes out cruelty and lies with a side of sarcasm.

As the Washington Post reported, the owner of the tiny restaurant came in after receiving a call from his concerned staff. Upset over not just Sander’s defense of child separation, but her defense of policies that harmed gays and transgender people, the employees wanted the owner to ask Sanders to leave.

“I was babbling a little, but I got my point across in a polite and direct fashion,” Wilkinson said. “I explained that the restaurant has certain standards that I feel it has to uphold, such as honesty, and compassion, and cooperation.

Which, of course, meant that Sanders was out. But in his morning tweet, Trump accused the Red Hen of being unclean, stating that the restaurant has “filthy canopies, doors and windows” and that it “badly needs a paint job.” The Red Hen building is brick. Trump stated that “if a restaurant is dirty on the outside, it is dirty on the inside.”

And dirty restaurants are something of a Trump specialty. After all, the Miami Herald notes that his Mar-a-Lago resort was cited for 15 violations by health and safety inspectors. And it’s not the first time. Just before the Japanese prime minister was due for a visit …

… inspectors found sushi fish ready for consumption without the obligatory treatment for parasites and cited the club for storing food in two broken down coolers at temperatures that spoiled fresh ingredients.

Before Trump turns his squinty eyes toward the specks on someone’s canopies, maybe he needs to get those logs out of his own kitchen.  He might also want to note that Red Hen is a very highly rated restaurant, the best in the area. That’s undoubtedly why Sanders was trying to go there, and not to the restaurant at Trump’s DC hotel which is decidedly … not the best.

Reviews of the eateries associated with Trump’s DC establishment have come to the same conclusion—expensive and not worth it. Many area papers and television critics didn’t even bother with a review when Trump’s hotel opened. It’s something Trump has complained about, but food critic Ann Limpert has a clear response for why she didn’t even worry about a review of Trump’s top food spot.

Limpert:  it was yet another chain steakhouse in a hotel …

Trump’s restaurant is sprawling, loud, pricey—and based on his history, not to be trusted when it comes to either quality or cleanliness. On the other hand, the Red Hen is a tiny 26 seat bistro with a sterling reputation that’s only getting better.

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  1. Yeah, but was a clean, well respected place before your Chief Fibber walked in. Then it became contaminated.

  2. Trump, why don’t you keep your mind on things that matter, like running the government in a respectful manner, and not always criticizing other people. If you would treat people with more respect and courtesy then others would treat you that way to, moron.

  3. Trump is deliberately trying to sabotage this restaurant’s business in retaliation. The owner should have a law suit for defamation or some such. This is an intentional act by Trump.

  4. Mind your own business Donald Duck. If I owned a Restaurant, I’d tell Trump, get the hell out and stay out. I don’t serve or want evil in my establishment. Btw I threw out being nice ever since Trump came into office. So I wouldn’t make and effort to ask him to leave.

  5. Trump stated that “if a restaurant is dirty on the outside, it is dirty on the inside.”
    If it is really that bad, why would Huckabee even WANT to eat there? Oh well, the beat goes on.


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