Comedian uses Melania’s poor taste to raise money to reunite kids with their families

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Quintus Aurelius / YouTube

When Melania Trump wore a army green jacket with the sentence I don’t really care, do you?” many outlets wondered aloud as to what could the first lady be thinking??? I’m here to tell you that that doesn’t matter. Melania Trump is a crummy person, married to an even crummier person. It really didn’t matter if Mrs. Trump was “thinking” about anything. It doesn’t matter if she was sending a message to the “fake news media,” for their speculations concerning her health or her lack of usefulness in the fight to keep her stupid husband from ruining the world. Comedian George Lopez has been vocal in his distaste for our current administration and has decided to use his celebrity and comedy background to fundraise for a good cause. Sporting the same style of jacket, showing a similar paintbrush white lettering to Melania Trump’s jacket but with a more positive message.

“Keep the Kids, Deport the Racist.”

That’s DL hughley next to Lopez, with his “Fo Real tho!” exclamation.

According to TMZ, Lopez has received such a positive response and such a high demand that he’s working with the creators, to create and sell the jackets and t-shirts. “It’ll be available in-store and via Lopez’s online store for $99 a pop. Tees will go for $19.99.”

Lopez told TMZ that the money raised will go to a charity working to reunite immigrant families ripped a part—specifically in the El Paso area.

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