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This morning Donald Trump again made the goals of his new policies clear–and again escalated his demands, this time to declare that refugees entering America be sent back ‘immediately’, and without trial.

We cannot allow all of these people to invade our Country. When somebody comes in, we must immediately, with no Judges or Court Cases, bring them back from where they came. Our system is a mockery to good immigration policy and Law and Order. […]

Sending asylum-seekers fleeing violence back to their home nations without hearings is both unconstitutional and a clear international human rights violation, although there are few remaining Republicans who would be concerned by either. It is also enforcing American complicity in the violence they are fleeing from. It is the most expeditious path towards getting them killed.

Trump, a virulent racist, knows this. The “zero tolerance” policy was from the outset designed to block legitimate refugees from the country. We need not speculate on that: White House chief of staff John Kelly himself explained the flatly racist intent.

They’re overwhelmingly rural people in the countries they come from – fourth, fifth, sixth grade educations are kind of the norm. They don’t speak English, obviously that’s a big thing. They don’t speak English. They don’t integrate well, they don’t have skills. They’re not bad people. […] But a big name of the game is deterrence.

As Trump’s team pursues policies of open white nationalism, he is becoming more and more impatient with even the pretense of following U.S. laws. That, too, is part of the White House plan. Fascism requires dismantling the laws barring discrimination, expulsion and (in the case of forcibly deporting asylum-seekers back to the people they are fleeing) state-sponsored murder, and there can no longer be any debate over whether Trump, his team, and his Republican enablers are seeking precisely that. He repeats it constantly; his staff openly brags about the laws they have been able to undermine.

His current target is immigrants. As in, all of them.

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  1. The Washington WORTHLESS WORM & his Equally WORTHLESS WHORE Should Never Have Been Allowed In The White House In The First Place. What an insult to a grand old place being occupied by CRAZY donald & D for DUMB trump, a Dime A Dozen, No Class, Gold Digging Gutter Trash.

  2. The most un-American president being groomed by Himmler-Kelly and his ilk.
    Trump will fail even as s dictator for he can not maintain a clear thought for 24 hours.. maybe minutes, before changing his mind. He thinks we look at his words as if written on a chalkboard that he can just erase and start over. He is a plague on our nation and endangers the very principals the United States stands for.


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