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And on it goes. Once Donald Trump decides to throw a tantrum over some perceived unfairness directed at him (which is anything that he regards as less than slobbering adoration), he latches onto it like a pit bull with a bloody steak bone. He won’t let up no matter how definitively he is shown to be deserving of the criticism or how badly he is proven to be wrong about whatever he is raging against.

On Saturday morning Trump was at his usual post: hate-tweeting everything he just saw on Fox News and blathering about what a victim he is of the evil forces seeking to undermine his presidency. Has there ever been a leader who whined more, and was so proud of it? Seriously, he actually bragged about being “the most fabulous whiner.” And determined to hang on to that record, Trump tweeted another in his series of blind attacks on special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation of his collusion with Russia and other associated crimes:

For a “rigged” witch hunt, it has managed to bag an exceptionally large number of witches. There have already been dozens of indictments and four guilty pleas. Some former Trump associates are cooperating with the special counsel, and there is speculation that Trump’s personal attorney, Michael Cohen, may soon join that group.

And it’s because of those facts that Trump is exhibiting some acute behavioral distress. The levels of obvious desperation and frantic fear keep increasing with each new incriminating revelation that emerges. Trump grows more distraught every day and with every new and panicked tweet. The frequency of those Twitter outbursts tells a story that is hard to interpret as anything but severe terror on Trump’s part.

David Gelles, a CNN producer, has compiled an accounting of Trump’s twitter activity, specifically with regard to his mentions of the scary “Witch Hunt.” The numbers reveal a progression into the dread that is haunting Trump’s diseased psyche:

Notice that just this year Trump has stepped up his “Witch Hunt” postings from one in January, to twenty-two, so far, in June. At this rate he’ll be posting nothing but “Witch Hunt, Witch Hunt, Witch Hunt, Witch Hunt, Witch Hunt…” by July. And it’s no wonder. There is a fair chance that Mueller will issue a report before the end of August. If he doesn’t, he will likely have to wait until after the midterms in November because he won’t want to release a report within sixty days of an election.

So Trump may be anticipating a conclusion to the investigation sooner rather than later. Hence the ramped up panic-tweets. Trump has never been a good poker player. He has tells that give away virtually everything that’s on his diminished mind. This Twitter activity is a pretty reliable indicator that he’s shaking in his Ferragamos. And for the country’s sake. let’s hope his fear is justified.

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  1. His nutcase tweets are just a cover for his fear , just like Satan, that the end is near. He has destroyed a lot of lives and a country, that used to be a world leader. But he has turned us into the Rodney Dangerfield of the world. Where are these fake patriot now?

  2. If he has a trace of intelligence Trump will seek a Hitler-like bunker where he can lick his he curls up into a ball. The sooner the better for all good people. Pierce his narcissistic nature and he will be gone.

  3. He is shaking in his boots and is deathly afraid what will be discovered. Hope you go down Trump including your companies. Follow the money. You are nothing but evil.

  4. He can’t pardon ‘state’ crimes..Therefore his only escape would be a friendly state governor. Is he trying to stack the deck in his favour there?..

  5. I still want to know – how is this travesty even possible in our country?? What happened to the ‘America the Strong/Brave’ myth?? What happened to ‘checks and balances’?? What happened to political integrity?? Let’s start making a list of all the constitutional changes that are required so that we never experience a “Trump and the Traitors (Republican Congress)” again. As a start, let’s bring back public hangings for treason.


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