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Early Saturday morning, White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders complained (whined) about not being served  the previous night by a restaurant in Lexington, Virginia. She blames the treatment on the fact she works for a tyrant.

Here is her tweet.

“Last night I was told by the owner of Red Hen in Lexington, VA to leave because I work for @POTUS and I politely left. Her actions say far more about her than about me. I always do my best to treat people, including those I disagree with, respectfully and will continue to do so” -Sarah Sanders

The restaurant is being barraged with ugly comments on their Facebook page by Trump fans. Time to pay respects and give accolades to the Red Hen owner who took a big risk, and did the right thing by Americans. Here is a link to Red Hen’s Facebook page:

Facebook: Red Hen Restaurant—Lexington, VA

This past month, both Canada & China resisted and refused to comply with Trump. Last week most major airlines resisted and refused to comply with Trump. Today, a restaurant resisted and refused to comply with Trump via WH Press Secretary Sarah Sanders. People are standing up—Trump is going down. #IWillNotComply

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  1. Good for him!
    This is they ONLY way we have to peacefully protest while making it very clear that we will not allow this administration and the people who speak for it play by their own rules.
    They can not have it both ways…if a baker refuses to make a WEDDING cake because it goes against his anti Christian Christian beliefs then asking Huckabee to leave because it goes against his true American beliefs they do not get to call fowl!

  2. Standing up for what is right and fair. Great job, and done with good grace which is more than she ever affords anyone! How dare she even think it’s ok to be out in public after the nonsense she spouts on behalf of that madman! Big round of applause to red hen staff and owner! Xxjo UK

  3. I am glad people are taking s stand. Namely the restaurant oener. We as Americans need to stand against this administration. This is the most corrupt leader I have ever seen and his minions need to stop lying to the American people.

    • “his minions need to stop lying to the American people.”

      They don’t know HOW to stop lying. It’s who they are. For them to quit lying, they would have to stop talking altogether.

  4. thank u for standing up to that evil want to be tyrant. his insecurities make him a monster and he is just a scared little bitty peon. anyone who works for him is a poison to the people of this country.
    if he gets his way the refugee camps will soon be concentration camps like Nazi Germany and these innocent people will be murdered.
    thank u for ur strength and moral character!!

  5. It’s a free country we have rights when it comes to who enters our property. That includes dick-taters and whoever bows to them.

  6. Gee, the righties use “religion” to refuse to make cakes for gays, or to serve us, but when “religion” is used to deny them service, they cry like babies !

  7. Maybe people are getting just fed up enough to knock this dictator and his storm troopers down. Thank you Red Hen.

  8. As a former restaurant owner/worker, I want to say thanks. I wouldn’t have given her the time of day. Can’t stand liars.

    • LIARS are the worst people I can meet! Lie to me once, and I’ll try to figure out whether it might have been inadvertant or a misquote etc.. Lie to me twice and I dislike you; strongly. A third time and you become the target of a very strong hatred based on that. I hate tRump LONG BEFORE he even ever considered anything political and was losing his infamous Universities that taught – wait for it – nothing useful!

  9. The owner was very respectful. She took her outside and asked her to leave. She did not even bill them. That is way more respectful than the Trump admin treats Americans as a whole.

  10. Hey, if a bakery can deny a wedding cake to a gay couple, then a restaurant should be able to deny service to a bald-faced liar! Kudos, Red Hen!

  11. SCOTUS has already set the precedent on the side of a proprietor who denies service to a customer on the basis of opposing beliefs. To deny service to Huck-Sand on the basis of her own immoral behavior doesn’t even come close to the injustice of the SCOTUS decision for the Masterpiece Bakery denying service to an entire class of people!

  12. She works for a spoiled bitch surrounded by idiots. daddy needed to beat His ass instead of spoiling him praise the red hen

  13. Considering the backlash, would it have been more wise to inform her the kitchen staff find her completely offensive & do you still wish to eat here ?
    I mean, if chef finds you a disgusting piece of work, would you risk the hollondaise sauce ?..

    I back her 100% anyway.

  14. “We reserve the right to refuse service”—-if we are going to deny refugees services and their humanity, why give service and humanity to someone who lies for a living to support a corrupt regime? If doctors, hospitals and pharmacists can deny service and meds to patients based on belief systems, why is it not acceptable to deny service to a woman who’s moral fiber offends the restaurant staff? Great boundaries RED HEN.

  15. If bakers can refuse to make cakes for people they dislike (gay couples) why can’t a restaurant owner refuse to serve people she doesn’t like (liars or defenders of racists)?

    • What I love is people say something is wrong to make there argument against the wrong. I guess two wrongs do make a right in your mind.


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