Red Cross Denied Entry into Trump Child Detention Facilities

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Chris Pawluk / Flickr

From the official Twitter feed of the Red Cross:…

Just to reiterate the crux of the Red Cross tweet:

“We have offered assistance to federal gov’t authorities, but without permission, we can’t access facilities.”

This is eerily reminiscent of Nazi concentration camps during the Holocaust. The Red Cross was repeatedly forbidden from touring concentration camps during World War II. Finally, in 1944, they were allowed to inspect the hoax camp, Theresienstadt. Just prior to the visit from the Red Cross, Theresienstadt was emptied of most of its prisoners, and was renovated so as to appear humane.

History records the Red Cross as being somewhat complicit in the Holocaust. Surely they could have raised more red flags at the time. The question now, however, is whether or not they decide to aid and abet the Trump regime.

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Just a pattern. Stop every institution that threatens to reveal the truth.