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The Red Hen Farm to Table Restaurant, Lexington. Va., exercised some border control last night, deporting Press Sec.  Professional Liar Sarah Huckabee Sanders and seven family members from it’s dining room and onto the quaint Alexandria, Va. colonial streets….

…for those unfamiliar “86” is military jargon for taking out the trash.

Twitter was quite pleased to hear of the Autonomous Republic of Red Hen defending its sovereignty:

Sanders confirmed incident with this Tweet:

With which I respectfully disagree.

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  1. Look at it from the wait staff perspective: You can’t trust her to tell the truth about her menu choices. Perhaps some day she will learn that telling the truth matters in America. Maybe not Russia, but it matters here.

  2. Umm i mean the little red hen better watch out shouldn’t they being they are a lot of trump supporters in the surrounding areas. Some ppl don’t take too kindly to unhospitable ppl like this. No matter what your political views are that should be no reason to make someone leave that has come to eat. That is discrimination at it’s finest.

    • Exactly this. Lexington is right in the middle.of Trump Country. The only reason liberals bother with the area is the smallish university. Red Hen… how long can poor uni students support your business?

    • discrimination? is it? BUT if it was in say NY or NJ and the owner of said establishment refused service to say a man of color, what is that? Is that ok because all men of color are criminals anyway? like refugees from Central America? They are all MS-13 gang bangers, women are all whores, and, and, and,? What would YOU do?


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