Corey Lewandowski mocks child with Down syndrome, Trump rewards him with Air Force One invite

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Zach Frailey / Flickr

We all know by now that Corey Lewandowski disgustingly and viscously mocked a 10-year old child, with Down syndrome. The child was separated from her mother at the southern border, thanks to Trump’s monstrous child separation policy.

A disgusting response, but not disgusting enough for someone we know—President Trump rewarded Lewandowski by inviting him on Air Force One.

Folks this is the low, low character of Trump. This is why it was so easy for him to separate and lock up children. He rewards those that are a shadowy reflection of him. The lower the character, the more sleazy you are, the more Trump likes you.

These people are vicious, with absolutely no character.

They have zero empathy. It does not exist.

They are not human in any sense of the word.

Trump and his cohorts should be treated as such.


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