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Robert Mueller has released a new court filing that takes the media, including the influential New York Times and Washington Post, to task for inaccurately reporting on his Russia investigation.

From the Business Insider:

Mueller office admonishes NY Times and Washington Post for inaccurate reporting

Robert Mueller has attacked the news media, including The New York Times and The Washington Post, for reporting “inaccurately” on the Russia investigation.

The rebuke came in a court filing Thursday, which asked a judge to issue a 19-page questionnaire to potential jurors in the special counsel’s coming trial in Virginia against Paul Manafort.

Mueller cited several examples.  For instance, when Mueller’s team searched Manafort’s home the reporting claimed that it was a “no-knock raid.”  As the department categorically denied conducting a “no-knock raid” the reporting as such from sources like the NY Times and Washington Post was deemed irresponsible and potentially jury influencing.

Contrary to media reports, Mueller’s office did not use a “no-knock” warrant to raid Manafort’s home.

The Thursday court filing said:

“The reporting, at times inaccurately, comments on the nature of the evidence collected in the case or activities of the parties.

“Furthermore, the amount of publicity about this case is only likely to grow as the trial date approaches, and such publicity increases the possibility that jurors will form biases or pre-formed opinions that may prejudice one or both parties.”

Do better, NY Times and Washington Post, as the news sources “on record” when you report on the Russia investigation.  Playing into the right-wing’s hand with false reporting (without correcting it later), whether intentionally or unintentionally, can influence potential jurors and affects public sentiment.

Oh, and NY Times, issue a statement every day that makes clear that Maggie Haberman is an opinion procurer, not an actual journalist.

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