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From McClatchy:

A controversial peace plan for Ukraine and Russia that has drawn headlines and scrutiny from Special Counsel Robert Mueller was initially devised in early 2016 with significant input from an ex-congressman and a Ukrainian-American billionaire, according to a former Ukrainian legislator who promoted the proposal before Donald Trump’s election.

Ex-Ukrainian legislator Andrii Artemenko told McClatchy in several recent interviews that the peace proposal, which some analysts believe had a pro-Moscow tilt, was hatched in February 2016 during side discussions at a Ukraine-focused conference at Manor College in suburban Philadelphia. Former Republican Rep. Curt Weldon and New York real estate mogul Alexander Rovt were involved, said Artemenko, who also participated.

“It was called the Rovt-Weldon plan,” said Artemenko, noting that he had been friends with Weldon for almost a decade.

Neither the roles of Weldon and Rovt in the early framing of the plan, nor the fact that it was being devised nearly a year before it was given to a Trump associate for delivery to the administration, have been reported previously.


No collusion — riiiiiiiiight.

This ‘peace plan’ was so blatantly pro-Putin that when news of it surfaced, the Ukrainian government began investigating Artemenko for treason. This is the same plan that was hand delivered to Trump NSA, Michael Flynn in February of 2017.

There is now evidence that Trump and the Russians were working on their quid pro quos long before the actual election. This coup was likely preceded by years of preparation.

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