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Donald Trump says he has the right to pardon himself. Legally, that may be a gray area, but politically, it’s crystal clear: The American people say no.

A new AP/NORC poll finds overwhelming opposition to Trump—or any other president—self-pardoning if charged with a crime, and support for consequences that Congress might want to sit up and take note of:

 85 percent think it would be unacceptable for presidents to pardon themselves if charged with a crime, and 76 percent think Congress should take steps to remove a president from office if they did so.

Of course this is before the right-wing outrage machine kicks into gear and Trump’s base decides he was framed by Hillary Clinton, but still. It should send a message to both Trump and congressional Republicans.

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  1. I cannot imagine how the president thinks he is able to pardon himself in the first place. That essentially says he is above the law, rather like an absolute monarch, and the Divine Right of Kings which caused Charles I to lose his head.

  2. Prosecutors follow the money. GO after Trumps businesses, golf courses etc. so that maybe he’ll loose most of his money. That would be the best punishment for this delusional nut job. He is so corrupt and so is his administration. Otherwise they would not let him get away with so many things and there would be more transparency.


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