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Former Republican Congressional Representative David Jolly, on the 11th Hour last night, made this comment about Melanias’s “ Up Your’s” olive drab rain coat. *


“I want to revisit the Meliana moment because we’ve touched on it with kid gloves.

This was an unforgivable moment for the First Lady and the First Family.

Not because of what happened in the initial moment where; Wow did she wear this?
And there was intrege.
And frankley I was one who dismissed this the first time when she was departing.

But to wear it on her return affirmed that she was making a political message.
This was not a fashion statement.
This was a political message when she said “I don’t care.”

And I don’t care personally. as David Jolly, how the White House tries to manipulate this.
She was going to the border where her husband has ripped families apart wearing a jacked that said “I don’t care.”

It is an unforgivable moment for Meliana, as First Lady, but also for President of The United States.

And she does not deserve latitude on this because she has doubled down on it after questions were asked.


*(It was neither raining nor cold in N, Va..  I live here.  I walked the two mile round  trip to Walgreens in shorts and a tee shirt and I’m very cold natured.)

So she wore the coat specifically to show the message.

It has been raining heavily in various areas of S. Texas so maybe a rain coat seemed necessary.  Even so why wear it when boarding except to make sure the press photographed it.

As First Lady, who gets a million or so bucks of tax payer freebies every year we do expect something better than a coat that came from Good Will and has on it an overtly insulting statement that looks like it was painted on by as semiliterate drunk.

Most First Ladies accept the role of representing America.  Apparently Meliana decided to represent American White Trash.

Also why did the tax payers have to put out close to a million bucks to put AF 1 in the air just to give her a photo op for her crappy rain coat?  Talk about abusing your privileges times 2


How sad and offensive that the FL has trashed all the good will she got last month while she was recovering from her not a face lift.

She’ll have good will from elite Republicans but not so much from a good portion of the public who hate her husband but tried to be supportive her.

Seems like she may be cut from the same cloth as her pathological, narcissistic, sociopathic husband.

At least now we know our First Lady for what she is.

And it ain’t pretty.

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