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Senator Kirsten Gillibrand—someone who is devoutly religious and actually follows the Bible—called it: Trump is doing the devil’s work. His ideas are evil, “from darkness,” and rooted in hate. Trump is a monster.

Coincidentally, in 2016, right before the election, the Brookings survey found that white evangelicals completely flipped on “personal immorality.” When I read that, I recalled how New York Magazine described it:

White evangelical Protestants are the least moralistic cohort of voters.

That statement has never proved more poignant than in the past few weeks.

Look, I don’t care that you sold your soul to an immoral, philandering, narcissistic, hate-mongering idiot. That’s on you.  

But as for the rest of us who haven’t, we don’t ever want to hear from your f***ing sinful mouths ever again.  

I always believed at some point, we would eventually stop ripping children from breast-feeding mothers and then throwing them into cages to be used as bargaining chips. At some point, we’d regain our decency.

Finally, after weeks of sustained public pressure and national outrage, Trump was forced to cave.

You can thank the millions of still decent Americans. You can thank the organized protests from human rights groups and the progressive Left. But you know who you can’t thank in any way? The so called “pro-life” groups. The “religious right.” You know, the people who actually spit on the children.

We will never forget. We will forever remember your silence. 

You said nothing. You did nothing.

You had a direct link to the White House. You could have taken a break from screaming at poverty-stricken single mothers for two damn minutes, picked up a phone and told Trump to quit abusing children in order to punish the parents. You had the power to stop this national nightmare weeks ago.

But you didn’t.

National Right to Life Committee. Susan B. Anthony List. Pro-Life League, Focus on the Family, etc.: you heard the babies scream for their mothers while they were taken and put in the cages. You heard the concentration camp guards mock them. None of you bothered to so much as put out a lousy statement against this barbaric horror show. None of you even mentioned it on your websites. Susan B. Anthony, when asked, stated they would “refrain from public comment.” Focus on the Family actually put out that their official position was not to blame Trump.

I thought you bastards had reached the lowest of the low last fall when you literally endorsed a pedophile who preyed on children rather than the Democrat.  I was wrong. There is no pit you won’t crawl into.

The forced separations of migrant families and caging of immigrant children will no doubt go down as one of the darkest chapters in our nation’s history. Even a survivor of America’s horrible  Japanese internment camps has said that this was worse, because at least they weren’t spitefully separating small children from their parents. Stephen Miller and Jeff Sessions, the two white supremacists responsible for Trump’s family separation policy, counted on your complicity and got it. You are all just as much to blame as they are.

The only silver lining to this tragedy is the fact that a new generation has been witness to your lies and bullshit. Just as the Parkland students exposed the NRA for their fraud this year, all of you just exposed yourselves. Your cause was never about life, babies, or God: it was about control. It was always about ideological dominance over women and their bodies—forcing them to give birth with no thought or care to what happens when the clump of cells becomes an actual baby.

Your scam organizations have revealed their true purpose: being money pits for woman-hating right-wing candidates. Nothing more.

From now on, when anyone hears your BS about how you care about non-existent babies, you’ll be given the images of children in cages, along with the audio of their screams, and asked why you chose to remain silent.

Why did you choose to ingratiate yourself with the devil over the lives of innocent small children? Why did you pick evil? More importantly, how the hell do you ever expect anyone to listen to your bullshit ever again?

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  1. And now a Texas concentration camp is drugging the babies so they don’t scream and cry. Several holding them down and injecting them if they will not willing take the drugs. Hilter’s regine is back.


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