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What happens when a demon eats another demon, finds out he’s allergic to that demon, and then spends an hour on the devil’s toilet bowl? Stephen Miller is what happens. Widely regarded as the “brains” being the enforcement of a “zero tolerance” policy that separates children from their parents as a punishment for looking for a better life, Miller has lurked in the shadows the same way Iago does in Othello, or Renfield does in Dracula. Meanwhile, Colorado Republican Rep. Mike Coffman is in a shaky position these days, being part of a political party that has aligned itself with historically inhumane and globally reviled ideas and actions.

Don’t give Rep. Coffman too much credit, as calling for Stephen Miller to be fired from any job is the equivalent of telling people not to eat kitty litter. Coffman was able to win in 2016 but his district has been voting blue for some time, and might be finally finished with having his political affiliation’s humanitarian crisis as a stain on their conscience.

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  1. So lemme get this straight, is this Himmler making a move on Goering? or the other way around? Yea, and Eichmann & Heydrich are waiting in the wings.


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