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If you thought it couldn’t get any lower. But it already has:

During the discussion, guest host Chris McDonald attacked CNN’s Jim Acosta for confronting White House spokesperson Sarah Huckabee Sanders over the administration’s policy, insisting that the practice of breaking up families “is not America’s fault, it’s [the immigrant’s] fault …If you are here illegally, guess what? You’re family is at risk of being broken up because that is what happens in a law-abiding society.”

Valentine agreed, saying that she spoke with a high-level border patrol agent recently who allegedly told her that the people who are crossing the border illegally are the dregs of society.

“Rape after rape after rape,” Valentine said. “Children below 10 years old engaging in sexual activity. All kinds of sin and disgrace and darkness; the pit of the pits. So we’re not getting the top-of-the-line echelon people coming over this border, we’re getting criminals. I mean, total criminals that are so debased and their minds are just gone. They’re unclean, they’re murderers, they’re treacherous, they’re God-haters.”


She’s echoing Trump’s words directly. Trump used the framing “thy’re not sending the best, they’re sending…”. That’s what Valentine is copying here.

Along with “infest” this attempt to dehumanize children. 10 year old children, is exactly out of the playbook of the KKK, Nazis and other fascist, sectarian organizations. If this sort of rhetoric takes hold in a society, there are numerous examples of it being used to justify ethnic cleansing or genocide.

If you can stomach it, the video clip is below:

Along with peddling her hateful take on “christianity”, this woman has a “beauty” products line that she sells on Amazon and eBay (also on QVC in the past).

While we’re talking about Trump’s immigration policies:

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  1. Nothing Christian about this fool or others who think like her. If anything she/they are the unclean ones, the Godless ones. Who are they to believe they have the right to pass judgement on anyone. Last I heard that was strickly God’s. How do you say something like that about children? You’d have to have a dark dark soul if you had any at all. Simply Evil!

  2. These types of people do not represent our Lord Jesus. If fact he warned against such types. It appears that right wing evangelical Christians traded trump for Jesus. The truth is that Jesus loves all people ,especially children ( who are precious in his sight). If you don’t feel that you accept all people, yes even criminals and those of other races, than you might want to re-examine your faith. Jesus was not Caucasian, but rather the incarnation of the Living God, in whom all of mankind is created in the imagio of.
    Also Jesus does not care about government but separates it when he said Render unto Caesar things that are Caesars and unto God things that are Gods. I believe God cares how we treat our fellow humans. The second great Commandment is Love your neighbor as you love yourself.There it is. It’s very hard to keep this commandment don’t you think. Also He said one more thing “ any one who causes one of these little ones to fall into sin ,it would be better if that person would have a millstone tied around his neck and be thrown into the sea. It’s very hard for me to accept when Jesus gets pissed off at certain types of people and always we must be careful not to judge or condemn but remember if I do something to the least of these ,you do it to me.
    If Jesus were here ,actually he is, you can find him with the children this trump has denigrated. He is with them. Before you condemn little children remember they are the Lords. Jesus came to save. He did not come to laud the United States and savage little 3 year old helpless babies. That’s the Gospel my friend and if you think a 3 year old is debased, well you explain that to Jesus.

  3. Yeah, a law abiding country whose head of state is a crook, and whose wife entered it illegally. Such hypocrisy. These people wouldn’t know the rule of law unless it smacked them in the face. And it’s about time it did.


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