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ZOMG, The NY Times speaks out (again) for national snowflakery and civil discourse, rationalizing the futility of criticizing the WH’s chief narcissist. Womp Womp. Wishy Washy.

Mr. Trump’s coarse discourse increasingly seems to inspire opponents to respond with vituperative words of their own, as Robert De Niro did at the Tony Awards this month…

Returning incivility with incivility has not always worked out well for his opponents…

Mr. Trump’s presidency has driven some of those who oppose him to extremes of their own…

“Let’s not spend time drawing comparisons,” Jonathan Greenblatt, added. “Instead, we should focus all of our energy fighting for a more moral set of policies today.”

Not only is Peter Baker clueless about speech acts or rhetorical force, he wants Trump’s critics to behave, as if backing off will give Maggie Haberman a spine or Michael Schmidt a sense of social justice. Because the NY Times editors would say, isn’t that what Bari Weiss and Bret Stephens are for, even if they are idiots, sucking up to Trumpism.

Peter Baker’s dithering about today’s Godwinesque comparisons like Michael Hayden to the possibility of another Holocaust, should remind him of the same reality that the NY Times itself faced during the onset of the actual Holocaust, giving far too much unmerited journalistic respect for Herr Hitler.

Thank Godwin, Baker doesn’t eat in any delis where the DSA might get to him, because we won’t have what he’s having.

 The Timeswhen it ran front-page stories, described refugees seeking shelter, Frenchmen facing confiscation, or civilians dying in German camps, without making clear the refugees, Frenchmen, and civilians were mostly Jews.” [3]…

It’s hard to believe that Peter Baker can fight for any moral set of policies considering Glenn Thrush still has a job at the Times, but it is New York, and even Michael Cohen still walks free on NY streets where incivility, if Baker hasn’t noticed is the lingua franca. We’re way past contagion, or have you been even paying attention.

As coarse as Robert DeNiro or some Congressional intern might be, their visceral representations directed at Trump via the Tonys or in the halls of Congress makes some of us feel better represented even if they fail to reach their recipient, and perhaps less vituperative.

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