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Secretary of Homeland Security, Kirstjen Nielsen famous for “following orders,” pretending she isn’t doing things that she’s doing, and separating young children from their families, decided to have dinner at a Mexican restaurant. Yes. A Mexican restaurant. The Metro D.C. Democratic Socialists of America went live with their video and protestors, inside of the restaurant and proceeded to peacefully protest, and chant “Shame, shame, shame…”

The results were beautiful as Sec. Nielsen had to hurry away. Good. These people are monsters and deserve to be reminded of that fact. And here’s a PSA before you enjoy the video.

We’re in downtown DC disrupting DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen’s dinner at MXDC. The irony isn’t lost on us that this is a Mexican restaurant. Nielsen has led the program to tear apart familes. We are here to tell her to put an end to separating families, to step down as head of the department, and that ICE and CBP must be abolished #abolishICE #abolishCBP

Posted by Metro D.C. Democratic Socialists of America on Tuesday, June 19, 2018


If you want to donate to groups that are advocating and fighting for these children and their families, you can head over here.

And here’s another angle on deserved humiliation.


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  1. Herman Goering said he was only following orders, Doenitz, Keitel, all the top Nazis who didn’t puss out and commit suicide and were caught said the same bullshit, all those nasty murdering Nazi fuckers, their common thread was I was just following orders.


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