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House Speaker Paul Ryan spent his morning tweeting about the great economic gains since the GOP tax scam was passed. This while news was breaking that Donald Trump is creating concentration camps for babies.

Never mind that job growth has been continuing since 2012, and that unemployment has been shrinking since the Obama administration and that his tax bill is adding trillions to the debt. But mostly Trump. Is. Taking. Babies. Hostage.

And Ryan is ruling out the possibility of doing any kind of stand-alone bill that would stop Trump from putting babies in cages. Because, he says, “Right now we’re focused on getting this bill passed. … If other things happen, we’ll cross those bridges when we get to it.” If other things happen like infants being ripped away from their mothers and sent thousands of miles away.

This bill, he says, is “action to keep families together while we enforce our immigration laws.” It does not prevent the administration from ripping families apart, because it still allows Trump to prosecute asylum seekers who enter the US between ports of entry as criminals, allowing their children to be separated. The families that would stay together would be held in actual prisons. Indefinitely.

It shouldn’t be shocking that the guy who is willing to allow American kids to go hungry doesn’t care if immigrant babies are torn from their families and imprisoned. But that he’s willing to troll the nation about it on Twitter has earned him a suite in hell.


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