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We still haven’t seen any government-released photos of little girls who have been kidnapped from their families, though we know now the toddlers are being sent to so-called “tender age” facilities.

But NY1 reporter Josh Robin got a tip that some girls who had been separated from their families at the southern border were being brought to a facility in East Harlem just before 1 AM, early Wednesday morning. Robin was unable to confirm exactly what was happening in the video below, but multiple sources have told him an agency called the Cayuga Centers is helping to care for U.S.-detained children, and Robin said the group was speaking Spanish as they walked down the street.

All that aside—just watch the video below. At first, we see five little girls holding hands with workers as they walk down the desolate city street at about 12:45 AM. Then about an hour later, several of the girls are spirited into a car with their heads covered so they cannot be seen. Possibly, they are being taken to foster care, but that is unclear. Robin was unable to confirm anything with the caregivers themselves, one of whom denied the girls had been separated from their families.

Frankly, it doesn’t matter what exactly is happening in the video below—what’s crystal clear is that something extremely wrong and even sinister is taking place in our country and the U.S. government obviously does not want any documentation of it.

UPDATE: Josh Robin confirms the girls seen in the NY1 video are part of the thousands of kids who have been forcibly separated from their parents.

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