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This is the price of voter apathy. This is what happens when good people sit on their hands and think they have no voice — that their vote just doesn’t matter:

Kids are snatched away from their parents and thrown in cages.

If we don’t get out in droves upon droves this November to kneecap this shart-slurping, retrograde prick who minces about like King Fuckwit in the West Wing, listening to nauseating encomiums from his fawning shit brigade while kids languish in concentration camps, we deserve to lose our democracy.

How much quasi-Nazi B.S. do we have to bear witness to in order to make the upcoming midterms a historic repudiation of our dictator-in-waiting?

My fear is that when November comes around, too many of us will forget what’s happening now.

But we can’t. We just can’t. Whatever happens, we need to be just as angry on November 6 as we are today. It’s the most important day of the year, by far. Fuck you, Christmas. Our holiday comes early this year.

We have to remember every outrage of the past two years. Every. One.

Remember family separation

Remember DACA

Remember Puerto Rico

Remember Parkland

Remember Charlottesville

Remember Obamacare sabotage

Remember the Paris Climate Accord

Remember the Iran Nuclear Deal

Remember “shithole countries”

Remember the travel ban

Remember the tax scam

Remember Roy Moore

Remember Joe Arpaio

Remember the baiting — and then praising — of Kim Jong Un

Remember the erosion of our best alliances

Remember Russian collusion

Remember the attacks on the rule of law

Remember Stormy Daniels

Remember the Keystone Pipeline

Remember “clean coal”

Remember Scott Pruitt

Remember Betsy DeVos

Remember our transgender soldiers

Remember the national anthem protests and our shitgibbon-in-chief’s shameful response to the same

Remember every outrage

Remember all of it, put it in a box if you must, and unwrap it in November. But take some time once in a while to let it sear your gut — enough so that you can’t even think about staying home when your one opportunity to send a meaningful fuck-you to this heedless medieval ass-tart comes around.

Get registered, get an ID if it’s required, do whatever the fuck you have to to make this devil pay for his inhumanity. And do it now.

If you’re in a safe Democratic district, vote anyway. We have to send a clear message. We want a tsunami, not a ripple.

If you’re in a safe Republican district, fuck you — there are no safe Republican districts anymore. We’re challenging them everywhere, up and down the ballot.

If someone has an R next to their name, bzzzz, sorry. Thanks for playing. His or her opportunity to stop this slow-motion car wreck has long since gone the way of the Mooch.

If you’re mad as a hornet now because of what’s happening at the border, make sure you’re just as mad in November, and put your anger — finally and fatefully — to good use.

No excuses. None.

Our democracy depends on you.


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