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Despite the “wildly successful Korean summit” wherein Donald Trump personally removed the threat of nuclear war off the face of the earth, and the humanitarian crisis his adminnistration has deliberately created at the Southern border, news from the disastrous (for the US) G7 summit continues to make news.

Most recently Trump has just tweeted lies about Germany’s crime rate increasing due to migration

That’s the message that German politicians and newspaper editors delivered to President Donald Trump on Tuesday after he wrongly claimed once again that crime in the European country is on the rise.

“My answer is that the interior minister presented the crime statistics a short while ago and they speak for themselves,” German Chancellor Angela Merkel said at a press conference with French President Emmanuel Macron when asked about Trump’s flurry of tweets.

In fact, crime in Germany has fallen to its lowest levels since 1992, even as the country has become home to a million refugees fleeing war-torn nations in the Middle East and North Africa.

And now comes word via Ian Bremmer of previously unreleased details of Trump’s infantile behavior towards our (former?) allies at G7:


Here is a partial transcript of the video by Ian Bremmer: it was towards the end of the summit trudeau and merkel got together with some of the other allies and really wanted Trump to sign the communique. The advisers were working on it till 3 AM. He said ok I’ll sign it but got up and threw the candy at Merkel. This helps explain why Trump was so agitated after the Summit

“So President Trump had a Starburst Outburst?”

His relationship with Merkel is deeply broken and the leaders don’t respect each other.

He didn’t want to go to the G7 summit. When Trump is told to do what he doesn’t want to do he doesn’t respond to them easily. He took his translation piece out of his ear when the French president was giving a speech.

Multilateral institutions are a constraint for him not an opportunity.

He showed an extaordinary lack of interest in working with the Allies. Really does express that level of concern, people in Tokyo are disheartened with nature of the relationship directly between Abe and Trump.

This explains why Trump was in such a snit after leaving the G7 and why he lashed out at PM Trudeau with nonsensical tweets about being stabbed in the back. This is a manchild that is supposed to represent the United States. Worse still is that 45% approximately, think this is appropriate behavior for the (supposed) leader of the free world on the world stage.

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  1. Ya’ll just got’s to remember this man has been doing (crooked) business in Eastern Europe for over 20 years or more, and he HAS MANY MANY debts and favors to repay!

  2. Trump is a petulant pouty little child. Watch his shoulder movements when he gives a speach. He twists them back and forth like a small child does when talking to their parent. I am surprised he’s not sucking his thumb too! 72-years -old with the maturity of a toddler. POTUS???


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