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It’s becoming more and more clear that there’s nothing Donald Trump won’t do to get his border wall. That includes sacrificing the Republican Congress in the midterm elections, because that’s exactly what will happen if he carries through on his latest threat: to shut down the government October 1 if he doesn’t have it.

In a meeting with Republican senators and staff Monday afternoon, Trump “fumed” about the fact that he’s only getting an incremental $1.6 billion this fall for his wall and is demanding he get a lump, sources in the meeting told Politico. He “did not give a specific number, but has been fixated on getting the $25 billion in a lump sum,” one source said.

If he doesn’t get it, he told senators, he’ll shut down the government this fall. The exchange was hinted at in this quote from Sen. Richard Shelby (R-AL), who said “He’s focused on border security. And like all presidents, he wants it done now. But we’re part of the legislative process, it’s slower and deliberate.”

Trump is not like all presidents, which Shelby very well knows. “It’s probably an overwhelming belief in the House and the Senate, especially the Senate,” he warbled, “that government shutdowns aren’t good for anybody.” No, they are not. And he’ll do it.

He’s willing to rip thousands of families apart, steal children from their parents and make absolutely no provisions for reuniting them. He. Will. Do. Anything. And every Republican in Congress is aiding and abetting him.


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  1. If this worthless GOP government allows this mother fucker to threaten to shut down the government to get his way, then they should make him a deal, we won’t impeach you if you don’t get some fucking sense. He thinks he’s the only one who can bully and threaten, well I have news for this SOB. I bet he can’t box with God. It’s time for God to use him as an example.

    • The GOP is a bunch of pussies, they cow and shake when the gutless coward trump comes sliming by, they are all just trying to save their own sorry asses and look bad after supporting the ass in the first place.

    • I wonder if the State and local courts everywhere are capable of short-circuiting this sort of effort. tRump could use a good dose of mutiny against him right about now, and it’s past time. He is NOT the president of the US and never has been; we need to make that clear and it should come from EVERY office of the government everywhere in this country!
      All we need to do is stop listening to him with his mental deficiency-sourced decisions from the few puppets left around him to write his speeches!

  2. This motherless whore is in a serious hole with his man crush Putin, 25 billion? maybe we can get him a cyanide capsule and save us any more headache.

  3. Congress needs to grow some balls, and follow the money, it’s FACT that this piece of trash grifter has been laundering money thru Eastern Europe for years and years, why do you think he is so eager to suck up to the murdering commie x-spy Putin?

  4. Precisely why we need record numbers of votes for the DEMs and NONE for the Repugs! NEVER vote for ANY Republican anywhere for any office in these Midterms on Nov 6! VOTE straight DEM in the Midterms to wrestle our great county back from tRump, the GOP, the NRA, and the influence of Communist Propaganda, pressures and total misinformation in every single one of their posts. ALL the ultimate powers are being influenced by the comminists and they’ve taken EVERY route they can to have those people be afraid of everything from blackmail to “hits” on their families and even them; it’s already happened in the UK!

  5. NOT good enough! Removing just tRump is a useless waste of energy since Pence and all of tRump’s henchmen in office would simply advance up the ladder! Impeachment of only him is not a solution, it’s not even a stopgap effort!
    The real answer is to completely and fully clear the slate of him and ALL of his appointments and henchmen! And that CAN be accomplished in the remaining Primaries and then in the Nov 6 Midterm Elections where the entire house is up for election, and there are plenty of opportunities to vote DEM (never R) in the Midterms!
    If the citizenry all mobilized in favor of DEMs for the Midterms, the GOP is likely to actually fade away from having no work to do that means anything, the commies would be kicked out, and the replacement party for the GOP would be one that still believes in government of, by and FOR the people!
    Bring as many friends, neighbors and acquaintances who think like we do to the polls with you on Nov 6; WE can make this a historically massive turnout with this sort of work. And don’t forget about you local newspapers; write letters to Editors but be thoughtful, factual, and real in your expectations of our actions to get a historically massive vote out there. By these actions, WE the people WILL succeed in taking back our country from the GOP, tRump, Putin and all the other communists working so hard on social media sites to confuse and distract the issues at hand here. WE REALLY NEED TO TAKE BACK OUR COUNTRY BEGINNING WITH MASSIVE VOTES ON NOV 6 2018!

    Please give this a lot of thought and vote DEMs in the Midterms! We will all win that way!


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