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Did you ever think you would see the day an Attorney General of the United States would be arguing that their policy of stealing children and then locking them away in cages was not as bad as the Nazis treatment of the Jewish people, because the Nazis “were keeping the Jews from leaving”?

Unbelievably that day has come:

Laura Ingraham’s chuckle, as she asks the question, is very disgusting. Enablers of this administration, like Ingraham, will be judged just as harshly.

J.K. Rowling followed up with a brilliant tweet that summed up Sessions argument:

Just like Adolf Hitler, these people are very dangerous and want a dictatorship.

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  1. Among our allies, and other countries across the globe, we are likely the only one that would have an Attorney General embracing these values. How proud we stand!

  2. If he means by killing them, then, yes, but if he means that Germany did not deport a huge number then he is grossly ignorant of history. Actually I think he is just ignorant period.


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