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Donald Trump and Jeff Sessions have staked their claim to white supremacy as the single most important reason to be in power. There is very little else that can be surmised from the decision to move forward with a “zero tolerance” immigration policy that splits up families and separates children as young as infants from their parents. And while their lackeys like Secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen practice their speeches of “only following orders,” to St. Paul at the Pearly Gates, there are human beings being stuffed in cages; all in the name of racism. Wikipedia’s “List of concentration and internment camps,” entry has a new addition.

Forced separation of immigrant children

As part of the 2018 Trump administration family separation policy, nearly 2,000 immigrant children have been taken taken from their parents and placed in “detention centers.”[186] These centers have been described by those in opposition to the policy as “concentration camps”.[187] The centers had previously been cited by Texas officials for more than 150 health violations.[188]

Andrea Pitzer is a journalist who has written the book on the “Global History of Concentration Camps,” and she had this to say last night.

As our own Meteor Blades writes, this is not a new low for the United States, but it is as low as the United States goes.

This is not the first time children in the United States have been forcibly separated from their parents. Our nation has a history of it. This was done to hundreds of thousands of slave children whose parents or themselves were sold to new, often distant owners. It happened to tens of thousands of American Indian children who were snatched from their parents and forced to attend boarding schools where they were abused and their heritage denigrated and desecrated.

I’ll put an image of the Wikipedia entry below the fold just in case Stephen Miller gets his craven fingers on it.

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