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Remember those initial photos that circulated in the media regarding the child separation scandal, which intensifies as we speak? Those clean, well-made beds with teddy bears in a converted Wal-Mart, drawings pinned to the wall, etc. Come to think of it, even that gross Trump mural was in there. That was no accident. It comes directly from the Nazi playbook.

Faking the conditions of a concentration camp was something the Nazis did to try to fool the media during the Holocaust. From the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum website:

Succumbing to pressure following the deportation of Danish Jews to Theresienstadt, the Germans permitted representatives from the Danish Red Cross and the International Red Cross to visit in June 1944. It was all an elaborate hoax. The Germans intensified deportations from the ghetto shortly before the visit, and the ghetto itself was “beautified.” Gardens were planted, houses painted, and barracks renovated. The Nazis staged social and cultural events for the visiting dignitaries. Once the visit was over, the Germans resumed deportations from Theresienstadt, which did not end until October 1944.


Here is a film still from the Red Cross visit to Theresienstadt concentration camp in 1944:

Look at ze rosey-cheeked kinders playing undt horsing about! 

When these were the real conditions inside Theresienstadt:


and this:

Gaunt, worried looking Jews either arriving or waiting to be deported to Auschwitz.

So the next time a story breaks, and the first images we get are like this:


Assume the actual conditions are more like this (at best):


And you can also rest assured that Trump, Steve Bannon and Stephen Miller are positively gleeful over their new Nazi cosplay powers. Nice try, a**holes, but we got the real pictures within hours.

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