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The Trump administration and its allies are grappling with the public outcry against the policy of tearing children from their parents at the border the best way they know how: by lying. Cages aren’t cages, they tell us, or at least, Border Patrol is “very uncomfortable” with calling them cages even though, okay, they may be cages. And family separation isn’t family separation because these aren’t really families, they’re telling us now.

So, what, the toddlers and small children coming over the border clinging to and crying out for their parents as they’re ripped apart by Border Patrol are just acting? “Posing as families”? Because what we’ve been seeing in photos from the border would be some Oscar-worthy acting from adults, let alone little kids.

The level of lying coming from the Trump administration and its defenders is reaching mind-blowing heights (or depths, depending how you look at it) as they try to justify this immoral and cruel policy. Denying that it’s their policy, blaming it on Democrats who have nothing to do with it, asking the media not to call cages cages, and now denying that they’re even taking kids from their parents when they’ve taken at least one child from its mother while it was breastfeeding? Up is down, night is day, infrared is ultraviolet.

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