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It’s not easy being out in public as a Donald Trump loyalist. Sticking with someone who constantly changes his positions on major issues means you have to constantly change your positions, which is not something that every ambitious Republican politician can do with the same shameless conviction as Trump. But they do it, and one Republican former House member’s explanation of why it works is a telling description of the Republican Party as a whole right now:

“In today’s Republican Party, the No. 1 test for many Republicans is, ‘Are you loyal to the president?'” Jolly said. “And I think there’s less consequence of saying, ‘When the president changed his mind, I changed my mind with him.’ That, in the Republican Party, makes you a loyal Trump foot soldier.”

No base values, no core convictions, just twisting and turning to follow the whims of a lying narcissist.

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  1. I do not understand people that call themselves Christians and choose to give blind allegiance to a liar, cheater, vain, racist self centered person as Trump. His base is being led like sheep to the slaughter. Those aligning themselves with him either already are; or are taking on his characteristics. Christ loved everyone the poor, the weak, the children and most of all sinners saved by his Mercy and Grace. This country used to be the hope and light that other nations aspired to. Since Trump’s policies and behaviors in Washington; we are showing the world a very dark and dismal picture of what freedom and Democracy currently mean.
    WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Reedy. Judging by the daily TV news, the American people are indeed, awake as to the true, so-called character of the White House WORM, that Two Timing, Two Faced, Pile Of Walking, Talking, Lying TRASH. That WORTHLESS Crap.


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