The Young Turks / YouTube Gun Nut Marches Around College Campus...
The Young Turks / YouTube

Ya’ll remember Kaitlin Bennett. The AR toting gun moll from Kent State University…

Well, she’s back promoting her own brand of Faux News stupidity, probably aiming for the seat next to Steve Doocy…

The haters and losers fire back:


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  1. If you look at her picture of the flag more closely, especially the flipped over end, you’ll see it’s not actually a flag but a beach towel. A real flag is the same on both sides. That part that’s flipped is lighter and you can see the hem folded back. SHE’S A FRAUD!

  2. Anybody who supports CRAZY donald & D for DUMB trump clearly only does so to get something in return from that Two Faced, Two Timing, Walking, Talking Pile Of Trash. So, K. Bennet. What are you hoping to get in return for your Asshole Kissing Of That White House M-FUCKED UP, WORTHLESS WORM & his LEGALIZED White House Dime A Dozen, Gutter WHORE Laughingly Called Mrs. trump.


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