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Actor, singer, activist John Legend showed his disgust for Republican House Leader Paul Ryan after Ryan put out a saccharin sweet Father’s Day video on Twitter,  ignoring the emotional ravaging of immigrant children and their parents being torn away from each other on American soil.

The Trump immigration policies that are separating of families with small children, and often no warning, are causing unimaginable emotional pain, terror, trauma and possibly irreparable damage.

Some of these children will never see their parents again, some will never recover—and some will break. For the sake of all that’s left good in this world, no one should be standing by or ignoring this on Father’s Day—or any day.

Paul Ryan doesn’t seem to care and and John Legend is calling him out with anger and words that many feel but have had to hold in.  But Legend’s slam of Ryan has gone over well on Twitter as did Roberts DeNiro’s “F&^k You” to Trump last week. People around the country and the world are less inclined to be politically correct given the unthinkable chaos and damage Donald Trump and the Republican-led Congress have done over since Trump was sworn in.

Over one third of a million people agree with Legend on Twitter alone, and it can be imagined millions more feel the same way. Here is Legend’s tweet:

Here is Legend’s original tweet along with Paul Ryan’s video.

Some will say Legend should not have lashed on at Ryan’s Father’s Day video and tribute to his wife and family. But that’s happens when a POS condones, supports and helps enforce laws that so damage thousands of families with their own children, some whole they may never see again. Not a problem for Ryan.

You have to admire John Legend and his partner Chrissy Teigan—and any celebrity who has no f*cks to give political correctness, and plenty of f*cks to give soulless, self-serving, lying, abhorant politicians like Ryan. Thank you, John Legend.

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