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Trump genuinely reveres and envies dictators. He believes if he had their absolute power, he wouldn’t feel so empty and persecuted — but he is wrong. Nothing will ever fill his infinite sense of emptiness.

The person who knows and understands Trump the best isn’t a psychologist. It is Tony Schwartz who wrote “The Art of the Deal” and spent many hours with Trump over a year and a half. He was on “AM Joy” today and said that if Trump had the power of a true dictator he would be as murderous as Kim.

He said Trump is a mix of paranoia, grandiosity, and cruelty.

He said, “his cruelty is a way of punishing people who he thinks are his enemies.” He went on to say that the things Trump said about Kim demonstrate that Trump has no conscience.

Schwartz emphasized that Trump has no empathy, no heart, and no soul. He said that he grew up with a deep inner emptiness.

“Trump isn’t in the business of empathy, he’s in the business of Trump.”

Schwartz is not a trained mental health professional. However, as a layperson, he has an excellent understanding of psychopathology.   He doesn’t make a precise psychiatric diagnosis beyond saying Trump is acting out a severe personality disorder marked by dangerous & pathological narcissism, grandiosity, and paranoia.

More Tweets from Tony Schwartz:

  1. Jun 12

    I believe the media needs to give up the pretense of treating Trump’s behavior as something to analyze on any rational grounds. This is entirely a story about a man acting out a severe personality disorder.  Reporters don’t know how to handle that, so they avoid it.
  2. Jun 12

    What I have been thinking about today — watching the monster I helped to create – is … teach your children well.  Help them understand how critical their values are. Every choice matters. There are no redos in life.
  3. Jun 12

    The fact that Trump would brag about his “special bond” with one of the worst mass murderers on the planet is tone deaf and horrifying. It’s also absurd. Trump has no “special bond” with anyone but himself.


The video is from one year ago.




I would add to Schwartz’s last Tweet “The Republican Party long ago sold its soul…. to a president who has no soul.”


Read about Chauncey DeVega’s interview with Duty to Warn found Dr. John Gartner here “Perfect Timing: “Rocket Man: Nuclear Madness and the Mind of Donald Trump” just published “ 

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  1. We need to vote blue in November. That will be the only chance to start impeachment and pull the reins in on Trump. Democrats have to get control back, especially in the House. Republicans are complicit cowards and will not have the backbone to do it. Our concerns are disregarded by this Congress. They are suppose to work for us, not Trump. We can’t leave the burden on Mueller’s investigation with MCConnell and other republicans now pushing him to wrap it up before he’s finished. What are they afraid of? Russia?

    If Americans still care about human rights and dignity, their free and fair electoral process continuing without outside foreign interference, they will turn out in the fall and roll in the Blue Wave. Don’t let Trump or his cult fool you again if you voted for him. OUR DEMOCRACY IS IN GRAVE DANGER!

    Trump is now trying to blame the Dems for the horrid inhuman act of tearing immigrant children from their parents, shamelessly using a Bible quote to try to justify it, even though he can change this with a stroke of his pen. He is holding the children hostage for his border wall. Child abuse is immoral and illegal, make no mistake that this is what it is and is happening. Torturing children to advance his agenda, this isn’t the American way, at least not the America I know, love, and served in the U.S. Army for, and desperately want back. How about you?



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