Peter Daou: To fight this, Obama, Clinton, Sanders, Dem leaders…must unite and go beyond all norms

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Democratic strategist Peter Daou is known to go against the grain of status quo politics. On Friday night, he took to Twitter with three tweets that challenge Democratic and Independ

“HONESTY: I don’t see the Democratic Party rising to the level of intensity and resistance required by these times. The GOP sees that and is running roughshod over  American norms and values. STEP IT UP DEMS. You were elected to protect the Constitution.”

Daou suggests ways Democratic leaders can do more and calls upon on Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders to stand uni together and “lead the fight” against the blatant Trump/GOP tyranny.

“DEM LEADERS: Hold a die-in at the Capitol. Walk out en masse. Go on a hunger strike. Try every procedural maneuver in the book. Swarm the media with a unified message that America will not go down this ugly path. DO SOMETHING

And this is the time for leaders with maximum name recognition, like Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, to stand together and speak with one voice, leading the fight against these egregious Republican transgressions.”

It’s been said that these are extraordinary times and thus call for extraordinary and measures—Peter Daou is challenging Democratic leaders to do just that.

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Not too sure how good an idea that would be. They’d be better off brain-storming and working hard to keep the public aware of all they were doing and planning. IMO.