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Earlier today, Donald Trump was fielding questions from reporters Trump is standing by what looks like a row of golf carts, which … well, he probably is.

Trump: We’re building a military so strong, nobody’s gonna mess with us; but you know what? I never want to have to use it.

Reporter: Can you tell us about the verification process—

It is at this point that others try to ask questions, specifically CBS News’s Weijia Jiang, who tries to break through the softball question-fest to ask Trump how and why he has declared the nuclear threat from North Korea “over.” Trump puts his hand up in her face, saying “Quiet!” He turns to someone else and exclaims:

Trump: She’s so obnoxious.

He proceeds to put his hand back in her face so he can talk about how he’s creating an amazing “verification” process that’s going to make other verification processes seem like small verification processes; or whatever dumb lie is about to come out of his mouth.

You can watch the interaction below from two different angles.


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  1. This sick SOB does not belong on this earth. He and Giuliani are two non American idiots that have this country so messed up that become cell mates with Manafort.

  2. The sorry excuse for a human being is becoming even more unhinged. I’m waiting now for him to actually try to shove, punch or otherwise assault someone in front of the cameras! I hope he does, and I hope it’s a man, who hits him back, but it’d be oh so good if a woman did punch him right in that fat, soft face of his.

  3. If he’d had disrespected my wife like that, he would be picking his fat ass off the ground. The problem is , he is allowed to bully people when things get hot. Let me say fat ass, it’s going to get hotter. Until finally they burn you and those crooked brats of yours.


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