A short and sweet tweetstorm that perfectly encapsulates the choice we have to make at our borders

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The plight of the children being separated at our country’s borders and inside of our borders is excruciating to watch and read about. Listening to people like Donald Trump attempt to deflect blame for his policies on the Democratic Party would be laughable if the results weren’t so dead serious. People like Attorney General Jeff Sessions using the Bible to justify their evil and cruel actions is yet another example of the hypocrisy of virtually all (yes, ALL) evangelical Christians in their pursuit of power and glory. There continue to be sections of the public sphere who call for “polite discourse” and more compromising from both the left and the right—but this is not that.

This is about our humanity, simply as the United States, but as a group of people living together in a world filled with other people.

Dana Gould is a stand-up comedian, a comedy writer, an actor, and producer. If you don’t know his standup you will likely know some of his work as he was a writer for many years on The Simpsons. He’s been a very vocal “liberal,” and in fact, is not a particularly left-leaning liberal. He’s a New England Democrat from Massachusetts who is further left than the family he grew up, in but you aren’t going to see him joining the Democratic Socialists anytime soon. He laid out a simple Twitter thread today and it says everything you can say about what is happening right now. Read it below.


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Bartley Deason
Bartley Deason

I would love to take a read of the bible that Jeffy Beauregard uses. It’s definitely not a Christian bible.