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Frans Harren / Flickr

The usual challenge in filling jobs in the White House is picking the very best candidates out of an enormous pool of eager applicants. The challenge in the Trump White House is filling jobs at all—to the point where White House and other administration jobs are being advertised at a job fair. The “Conservative Partnership Institute” is hosting the fair, which top White House personnel managers plan to attend.

[Advertising for the event] promises that “representatives from across the Trump administration will be there to meet job seekers of every experience level.” […]

“There are positions currently open and we are looking for the most competent conservatives to recommend,” the flyer, shared with POLITICO, reads.

Is “competent” really the first requirement? Above “willing to sign a personal loyalty oath to Donald Trump”? Doubtful.

But seriously, let it sink in. The White House. Is advertising at a job fair. That’s … pathetic.

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