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Please don’t anyone tell me “The Trump administration can’t sink any lower.”

They can and they will.  There is no bottom limit.  Jeff Session hiding behind the bible.  Sarah Hickabee hiding behind the bible.  I’m glad my parents are not alive to see this.

The ENTIRE Trump administration is evil.  Not ignorant, not incompetent.  EVIL.  Sick, wicked, evil.  And 35 to 50 percent of the people in this God-forsaken country will vote for him again.

Read this.

As a purely descriptive matter, it’s surely true: We are all going numb. As Donald Trump makes war with Canada and peace with dictators and human rights abusers, the narrative is that everyone’s lost all feeling. Polls show the public believes that Trump paid off a porn star, and they don’t care. They believe that he lies habitually, and they also don’t care. A Pew poll released last week showed that nearly 7 in 10 Americans “feel worn out by the amount of news there is these days,” which is how we end up with real journalists like Chuck Todd pushing a humorous pharmaceutical solution to the problem of constant breaking news destroying our minds.

On Monday alone, we learned that the Trump administration is planning to denaturalize U.S. citizens who—it claims—fraudulently obtained citizenship. Also on Monday, America witnessed a change in immigration policy that will deny asylum to women fleeing domestic abuse, on the grounds that it’s a “private” harm. We witnessed a ramping up and coordinated defense of a Trump administration policy of separating families seeking asylum. That policy is resulting in children being warehoused in cages and ripped away from their parents, as their mothers are told they are bathing. Their. Mothers. Are. Told. They. Are. Bathing. A Honduran father seeking asylum hanged himself in a Texas jail after his wife and 3-year-old were separated from him at the border.

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  1. Donald Trump may be a direct descendant of King Herod, he started a lot of real estate projects for his government too he went after the Holy family because he wanted to kill Jesus, so much so that an Angel appeared to Joseph to warn him that Herod was killing a whole lot of kids trying to find Jesus. Herod wanted to kill Jesus, to take Jesus away from his parents Mary and Joseph. Imagine that if Herod succeeded there would have been no crucifixion and mankind would not have been saved. Don’t tell me this where Trump got his ideas to take children from their mothers?


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