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Children who are taken to the former Walmart which now serves as a detention center for young immigrants in Brownsville, Texas, are greeted by a mural of the man responsible for their incarceration—President Donald Trump.

MSNBC journalist Jacob Soboroff was given a tour of the facility, now known as Casa Padre. He shared images of the mural, which includes the quotation, “Sometimes by losing a battle you find a new way to win the war.”

Other presidential murals are painted on walls throughout the facility, and children are taught U.S. history for several hours per day—while the government bars them from joining U.S. society.

In a report on “All In with Chris Hayes,” Soboroff compared the facility to a prison, where about 1,400 boys between the ages of 10 and 17 are kept indoors for 22 hours per day.

“I have been inside a federal prison and county jails,” he said. “This place is called a shelter but these kids are incarcerated.”


About 30 percent of the boys in the center arrived at the U.S.-Mexico border with parents or guardians, and have arrived at Casa Padre following the Trump administration’s decision to begin separating families and prosecuting adults who arrive with children.

The report on the facility drew shocked and angry reactions from Trump critics on social media.

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  1. People laughed at the “Hunger Games” I see it as what would be our future. There are those that think Dems give away too much. No one realizes what they will loose. How can we Americans allow this ? Too busy? We may be very sorry not caring .

  2. They don’t have be licensed if working inside a government building. That’s like saying nothing ‘bad’ has ever happened in federal prison, or a police station, for that matter.


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