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CBS News is reporting tonight that Press Secretary and Chronic Truth Contortionist Sarah Huckabee Sanders is readying to leave the White House by the end of 2018. Deputy Press Secretary Raj Shah is also likely departing, though a specific timetable for Shah’s departure is less certain.

The CBS story cites a former WH Communications official as saying “several other lower-level positions in the communications department left vacant in recent weeks are likely to remain unfilled, with more departures expected in the coming weeks”. Rumors of turnover and changes in the Communications Department have been swirling around Washington for weeks now, and many around Donald Trump have noted that Trump prefers a “smaller Communications staff”, including sources quoted in the report.

I don’t know about you, but watching an adult obviously and painstakingly lie is difficult for me to watch. To have someone do that while taking on a self-righteous and condescending tone turns me from uncomfortable to downright angry. While the history of this Administration will be riddled with lies, distortions, attacks and misdirection, it was most often Sanders who said anything and condemned anyone to put the media and press “off the scent”, chasing after one false flag after another. From who decided on airstrikes in Syria to whether Donald Trump dictated the now infamous Trump Tower/Don Jr. memo to the security clearance status of Jared Kushner to God only knows what else, Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ legacy will be one where she willingly and knowingly lied — repeatedly and often — to the American people. On their dime.

I am sure that Sanders’ task was never easy, her orders were always contentious and her replacement will be God awful, but I am more than glad to see her go, and look forward to her fading into irrelevance in American history once again.


Sanders tweeted out a denial of the CBS report:

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