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Most Americans have not been fooled by the GOP’s tax con, according to new polling from PPP. A majority, 51 percent believe it will mostly benefit the wealthy (true!) while just 30 percent say it will help middle class and only seven percent believe it will help the poor.

But regardless of what they imagine the tax law will do, most of them have not felt any personal economic boost or even feel worse off since Trump took office.

26% say they’re worse off, and 37% say they’re in about the same place.

That’s 63 percent who say they’re not better off economically than they were before Trump took office. Only 35 percent believe their economic situation has improved. One X factor appears to be whether one has stock investments.

Among those who do [have stocks] 43% say they’re better off and just 16% worse off. But among those who don’t, only 27% say they’re better off to 35% who say they’re worse off.

Anyway, most Americans don’t feel better off and most don’t think the GOP tax law is going to do anything to help middle- and working-class Americans.

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