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Acccording to reports on MSNBC, former Donald Trump attorney Michael Cohen is expecting to be indicted “at any moment.” And according to Katy Tur, that indictment will come with handcuffs.

Tur: I spoke to a source close to Michael Cohen a few minutes ago, and they are saying that Michael Cohen expects to be arrested pretty soon.

Reports this morning that Michael Cohen had dropped, or been dropped by, the law firm that has represented him to this point suggested that Cohen was preparing to “flip” and cooperate with prosecutors. Since then have come suggestions that Cohen’s legal issues reflected everything from an argument over billing rates to strategy. Now reports are that charging authorities with the US attorney SDNY is “preparing paperwork” for Cohen’s arrest.

Cohen was previously slated for a hearing on Friday but … Friday now seems a world away. Shedding attorneys just in advance of being arrested would seem like a very odd strategy unless Cohen had already negotiated a deal with the SDNY. But dropping legal representation in advance of being arrested seems like an odd move even if Cohen has made a deal to cooperate.

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