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Jeremy Roebuck / Flickr

If you’ve tuned into Fox News over the last two decades, it’s clear they have a Republican bent—a heavy one, at that. They spent eight years bashing President Obama for the most minor of infractions, like daring to once wear a tan suit to a press conference. Remember when U.S. presidents held press conferences at the White House? Those were the good ol’ days. Donald Trump has never once held a press conference from the press room of the White House—not once. And that is something you would never hear about on Fox News. If President Hillary Clinton refused to hold a single solo press conference in two years, it’s certain they’d be equally silent. Right?

Back to the point: here’s a video that is going viral which shows just how much Fox News has pivoted to state propaganda television, reminiscent of a news broadcast you might see in a country like, oh, say … Russia. Or North Korea. Dear leader is propped up above all. It’s the tale of two presidents and two distinctly different approaches to coverage of their international diplomacy efforts. Let’s see if you can spot the difference in the video below.


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