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I get it.  It’s great to be a liberal hero.  You’ve got gigs on MSNBC. You’re best friends with Rachel, Chris, Ari, Lawrence. You star in top rated diaries right here on the Daily Kos.  Bill Maher thinks you’re great (as opposed to those weeny Democrats, of course).

But now it’s time to get serious.  There are five Republican Senators who appear to have some kernel of integrity:* McCain, Collins, Flake, Corker and, Murkowski based on some (one?) votes and their public statements (so far not leading to much action).

As veterans of Republican campaigns and administrations for over 20 years, you know these people. Steve, you were credited for transforming McCain from loser to contender” in 2008.  Nicolle, you were the “Palin Wrangler” in 2008, and were even portrayed by Sarah Paulson on TV. You said, about that role, “If people want to throw me under the bus, my personal belief is that the most honorable thing to do is to lie there.”

Well, now it’s time to do more than just lie there and provide outrage for hungry liberals. (DeNiro took care of that for awhile last night.) It’s time to try to influence two or more of McCain, Collins, Flake, Corker and Murkowski. More than anyone, they can obstruct Trump and provide some leverage.  I know those five want right wing Judges (maybe you also  still do).

But do they want judges who will approve torture? Void the ACA? Uphold family separations?

Because their votes for these Judges is enabling that agenda.

Do they really want administration nominees who are unqualified or corrupt and/or want to kill the programs they are responsible for, like Pruitt, DeVos et al.

All we need is two on each vote (assuming Dems stand together).

So Steve, Nicolle and other never-Trumpers — maybe even Scar (nah!) — there’s got to be a way to prick the conscience of two or more of these guys.

Do that, and maybe we’ll forget about Atwater, Palin, Swiftboats, 2000, WMD in Iraq, and expiration of the assault weapon ban in 2004 (as I remember, I believe you both were on that campaign).

Yeah, we liberals are thrilling to your righteous anger.  But you are preaching to your (new) choir. Try preaching to those of your old one who are not too far gone.

Then get back to us.

*I know. Optimistic. But you never know.

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