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He never did like Trump—and Robert De Niro has a long public history to prove it.

During the 2018 Tony Awards on Sunday night, the legendary actor proved his disdain for Trump once again—this time using a massive international platform to drop an F-bomb on the so-called “illegitimate president.” The crowd roared and cheered with wild abandon and many rose to their feet to give De Niro and his sentiment a standing ovation. Here is a clip from Australia where De Niro’s words were not censored.

(graphic language/NSFW) 

“I’m gonna say one thing—Fuck Trump!” It’s no longer ‘Down with Trump. It’s fuck Trump!”

In response to De Niro, one of the most clever, crude and popular tweets of the night was by Billy Eichner who played upon the recent entanglement involving Roseanne Barr, Samantha Bee and Ivanka Trump (supporting Bee while showing no love for Mike Pence).

Some will call De Niro’s comment stupid and crass, some will call it risky and bold, Fox will have a heyday and Trump will have a tweet. But those words reflect the anger, disgust and apprehension so many Americans feel right now. And this night will go down in American history as yet another form of the people’s resistance—the same resistance that will sink Trump and his sack of accomplices.

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    • Mr. DiNiro is a superb actor but a disgraceful American. Truly an embarrassment to those of us who treasure our country and care about the people in our heartland who have given so much of themselves to make this country great.

      • No, TRUMP is a disgraceful pseudo-American! De Niro said what people with a functioning brain are already thinking! So sit down and Shut the F Up Trumptard!

      • So, out of curiosity, just what is “disgraceful” about Robert De Niro? Exactly what has he done to be called an embarrassment to America. Please cite some examples to prove your point.

  1. What’s his problem? That Trump hasn’t started a new war yet? That he’s not blown up a nation like Libya, and left it in civil war, where they have slavery again? That he’s winding down the stupid war in Syria? That he’s not lied us into a war like Bush did in Iraq?

    The reason Trump is in office, is people are sick and tired of the scum at the top. I want to see De Nero say something about Weinstein or Keven Spacey. It’s apparently just fine and good in Hollywood to be a rapist or a pedophile, but by goodness, if you start demonstrating, clearly, just how absolutely corrupt the government is, and how full of crap the entertainment industry is, well, that’s just not acceptable..

    I’m throughly disgusted by the media, by Hollywood, by the intelligence agencies, by our public representatives.


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