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Watching Donald Trump try to president is a little like watching a toddler play next to a wood chipper. You don’t know what’s going to happen next, but it can’t be good.

The worst part is, there are dozens of adults standing around who are supposed to be babysitting him, and for some reason they’re all telling him what a good and brilliant boy he is.

But Republican strategist Steve Schmidt, who’s best known for shoving a metaphorical chloroform rag in Sarah Palin’s yappy head the night of the 2008 election, is standing up and being heard.

Following Trump’s petulant performance at the G-7 Summit, Schmidt was ready to spit nails. At Trump’s doughy melon, by the sound of it.

Early this morning, Schmidt unleashed hellfire on Twitter:

When the story of the Trump presidency is eventually written (assuming we still have the printing press), people will be slotted into one of two categories — enablers or resisters. While a guy who worked to get John McCain elected can never be 100 percent on the right side of history, at least he’s ready to stand up when his country really needs him.

If only McConnell, Ryan, et al., had the same sense of patriotism.


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  1. God bless America! Let us pray that others find such courage and fortitude to press ahead and save our country from further disgrace and suffering from the ineffectiveness of it’s leadership. The band-aids have all fallen off, if we don’t have the support needed when the wheels go, God help us all!

  2. You mean the one that says “protect, defend, and preserve”?????? Most Repugs act as if their oath said “pervert, debase, and prostitute”!


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