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Good for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. This is how you deal with a reckless bully.

Can you imagine if Republicans did their job here and stood up to this fool? That’s a pipe dream. Republicans won’t do a damn thing, because they have sworn fealty to Donald Trump. They enable this fool’s attacks on our trusted allies, all because of his love affair with Vladimir Putin.

Trump tweets dumb things and Trudeau smacks him down. Watch the video and enjoy.

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  1. I understand Trudeau’s reaction in the video and in a way I support him, but at the same time my hatred for tRump grows daily because of what he’s doing to our own people in this country. His communist ties must seriously pre-date his so called presidency by several decades; no one is that solidly aligned with them in the space of a few years. I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that they coached him along well before even his Universities and “Deals” he was supposed to be so great at, and I’ll bet they were behind his use of so many bankruptcies, which he was not bankrupt for any of them! Bankruptcy is a great way to screw the people you owe money to! And put your own money into secret stashed with proper money laundering and communist help.

    tRump is truly the worm of the century!

  2. Canadians ‘will not be pushed around’ by Trump” DDT… the liar.
    He doesn’t like the truth, Once in heaven, if you wish to see him, You’ll have to go down to hell… that’s where he belong. I feel sorry for his supporter…that might follow him down there.
    Congratulation to J.Trudeau , we stand behind YOU !
    See you in Heaven!


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