I am well and truly sick and f***in’ tired of this shit.

Trump and his lackeys lie, defame, insult and demonize our allies while our Democratic elected officials tut tut and contemplate running this fall on fiscal belt tightening, effectively ham-stringing single payer and college tuition reform progressive goals.

Just this morning Larry Kudlow was on CNN calling Justin Trudeau names for simply doing what drumpf professes to be doing…protecting his workers:

And then on Faux Spews Peter Navarro consigns Trudeau to hell.

I realize the morning news show aren’t beating a path to their door but Pelosi, Shumer, and Hoyer need to hold a presser and speak plainly to the American people for a change.

“Trump is a liar” would be a good start.

“His henchmen are a pathetic, unpatriotic, lying cabal of brown-nosing idiots!” would be a nice finish.

As Harry Truman said…tell the truth and they’ll think it’s hell.

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