Trump Arrives Late For G7 Meeting On Women’s Empowerment. Trudeau Starts Without Him.

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Gage Skidmore / Flickr

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau created this gender equality advisory council for this year’s G7 meeting. Our “president” would never do such a thing.

The U.S. “president” shows up late for the meeting and embarrasses the U.S. once again. Trump proves that empowering women and equality aren’t his priorities.

Trudeau started the meeting without him.

Canada has Trudeau, and we have the misogynist-in-chief.

A tardy Donald Trump created a distraction Saturday when he showed up late for a G7 meeting on women’s empowerment.

The U.S. president arrived several minutes after the start of the breakfast meeting between G7 leaders and the gender equality advisory council that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau created for this year’s summit in the Charlevoix region of Quebec.

Trump missed Trudeau’s introductory statement at the meeting and entered the room while council co-chair Isabelle Hudon, who is Canada’s ambassador to France, was speaking.


Fellow G7 leaders stared at Trump as he slowly made his way to his seat, which was across the table from Trudeau.

Watch Trump’s entrance below, and keep your eye on Macron.

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