Greenpeace delivers new mattress to EPA’s Pruitt to replace the one he ‘wore out’ with lobbyists

Greenpeace USA / YouTube Greenpeace Delivers a Used Trump Hotel...
Greenpeace USA / YouTube

Every day there is a new example of how erroneous the corruption is in our current government. On Monday, God’s most corrupt little elf and our country’s Environmental Protection Agency head Scott Pruitt was in the news again. This time it came out in reports that Pruitt inquired about “securing” a mattress from a Trump hotel. On Wednesday, Greenpeace went to its social media accounts to offer up some assistance to Pruitt who also happens to be covered in fossil fuels, and likely soiled his previous bedding in Oklahoma crude.

Under this heading, Greenpeace USA bought and tried to deliver a brand-new mattress to Scott Pruitt.

BREAKING: We’re delivering a mattress to EPA head Scott Pruitt from Trump hotel because he wore out his last one in bed with Energy Lobbyists.

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2 Comments on "Greenpeace delivers new mattress to EPA’s Pruitt to replace the one he ‘wore out’ with lobbyists"

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Now that is funny. My question is why would he want a used mattress from Trump Tower? That is so weird. I wonder if he was going to rent it out to make extra money. He could claim that Trump slept here. He is a sick sob.

Katharine Owens
Katharine Owens

Why would he want a used mattress?