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I literally hate the Trump administration, with all my being.

I dare anyone to read this NYT piece and tell me that Donald Trump’s immigration policy isn’t monstrous. Share this, because this is exactly what our government is doing to immigrant children and their families. A 5-year-old child basically being tortured. Families being ripped apart. Sickening.

Donald Trump and his cohorts are pure evil.

An American government escort handed over the 5-year-old child, identified on his travel documents as José, to the American woman whose family was entrusted with caring for him. He refused to take her hand. He did not cry. He was silent on the ride “home.”

The first few nights, he cried himself to sleep. Then it turned into “just moaning and moaning,” said Janice, his foster mother. He recently slept through the night for the first time, though he still insists on tucking the family pictures under his pillow.

José’s separation from his father is part of the Trump administration’s latest and most widely debated border enforcement policy. Last month, Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced that the government would criminally prosecute everyone who crosses the border illegally, a directive that is already leading to the breakup of hundreds of migrant families and channeling children into shelters and foster homes across the country.

José is the first child they have hosted who crossed the border with a parent, rather than alone, then was forcibly separated and left with no ability to contact them. On his flight to Michigan were two other Central American boys in similar circumstances who were placed with families in the area.

Earlier this week, José spoke with his parents for the first time since their lives had diverged. The phone calls were separate: His father remains in detention, and his mother is in Honduras.

The call went smoothly, according to the case manager.

But it changed everything. Somehow, it had sunk in that there was no way of knowing when he would see his family. “It triggered all the separation trauma again,” said Janice.

She tried to offer him his toys, but he erupted in anger, screaming and crying at the kitchen table for almost an hour.

“It was really hard to watch. The look on his face was anguish,” said Janice, her voice breaking.

When his fury subsided, the boy collapsed on the kitchen floor, still sobbing. “Mama, Papa,” he said, over and over.

Nearby lay the family pictures, which he had flung on the floor.

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    • I am sorry for what i just posted. I am, in no way, condoning assassination of Donnie John or anyone else. I have just reached my limit with this asshole and cannot take much more. Please forgive me for that post.

      • I think everyone understands, Barley, no need to apologize. We come here to vent and rage and try to make sense of it all, and sometimes it’s just too much to take. Especially after reading this heartbreaking post.

        • I appreciate your comment, but what i wrote is WRONG. Saying things like that can be extremely dangerous. I will not be making that mistake again.

          • You are forgiven. I’m so upset about S.Korea torturing & killing dogs & cats to eat, I signed a petition with a rant about how horrible they are, ending with “I hope N.Korea nukes you”. You only wanted one vile human snuffed. I called for the eradication of the entire race. Please don’t be so hard on yourself. This thing with the kids, very upsetting.


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