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If you don’t know Kaitlin Bennett, lucky you! She’s the Kent State graduate who walked around her school open-carrying an AR-15 rifle that measured about ¾ her body size. Because she’s a woman and she’s blonde, the racist Second Amendment droolers have sat up in their recliners and glared approvingly as she plays the age-old lucrative conservative game of being a racist white woman who supports and maybe even finds it attractive to act out the worst examples of toxic masculinity. Promoting her upcoming appearance on NRATV, Bennett posted this on her Twitter feed.

You see? She’s more of a “man” than David Hogg! You get it? She has a gun so she’s stronger than a teenager who is standing up to all of these adults (mostly male). Not unlike her male counterparts, who carry guns because they feel like that will protect them from the concept of time, Bennett is also choking down some fierce rage over her own personal inadequacies. The fundamental issue in a situation like this is that David Hogg is actually fighting for something very serious, while Kaitlin Bennett is simply fighting for some attention to cover over the fact that she’s a small-minded nothing of a person. The responses to Ms. Bennett’s strange bullying publicity stunt have been heartening … and hilarious.

Fellow Parkland Survivor got to the point with Ms. Bennett.

And then we are off to the races.

So true.

Very much so.

Hehe. I know it’s superficial but HO MY GOD I LAUGHED SO HARD AT THAT!!!!

Follow me below the fold for some more fun at Ms. Bennett’s expense.

Well done.

Civics lesson alert!

SNL writer Paula Pell didn’t have any jokes for Bennett.

Snarky Kitty dropped the snark in order to be dead serious.

A couple of weeks earlier, Bennett got some more fame when Jim Carey painted one of his picutres for her.

He’s very good.

And finally this:

Kaitlin Bennett, in grade school we would have chided you by calling you a “disgrace to the human race.” Pretty rough, I know. Of course, we were in grade school. What’s your excuse?

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