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There’s no such thing as a free lunch right? Well, not if you are professional grifter Scott Pruitt! The exclusive White House mess hall is open to White House staff and cabinet members, but EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt was enjoying the free and discounted food just a little too frequently. According to this report from Politico, they had to ask him to stop coming there to every. single. day.

In response to Pruitt’s recurring use of the restaurant next to the Situation Room in the basement of the West Wing, a member of the White House’s Cabinet affairs team told agency chiefs of staff in a meeting last year that Cabinet members shouldn’t treat the mess as their personal dining hall, according to three people with knowledge of the issue.

Pruitt especially loves to show off the White House mess hall to his wealthy Oklahoma pals when they visit D.C.

Five friends from Tulsa — Charlie Polston, Carlyn Mattox, David Mattox, Bob Wagoner and Jerry Dillon — were invited for a September lunch there with him, though it didn’t appear in Pruitt’s detailed calendar obtained through FOIA.

That lunch came just two weeks after Pruitt made a lunch date there with Bob Funk, a wealthy Oklahoma Republican with whom he bought a major stake in the minor league Oklahoma City RedHawks baseball team back in 2003.

How humiliating for Pruitt to be asked not to come back so often! Par for the course for Pruitt.

When he was staying in the upscale townhouse of a wealthy lobbyist for a mere $50 per night, they had to actually change the locks on him because he would not leave.

The couple, Vicki and Steve Hart, became so frustrated by their lingering tenant that they eventually pushed him out and changed their locks. After trying to nudge Pruitt out of their home over the course of several months, the Harts finally told Pruitt in July that they had plans to rent his room to another tenant.

This mess hall news is just one more bad look for Pruitt this week, who inexplicably still has a job in the United States government, in the presidential cabinet no less, despite his continued personal grifting an his endless giveaways to the gas, oil and chemical swamp.

And if the wasted U.S. tax dollars on things like ordering 12 custom fountain pens from a D.C. jewelry store for $1,560 weren’t enough, Pruitt has been ordering his staff to do personal errands for him and even asked his assistant to arrange a call with the Chick-fil-A CEO with the ultimate goal of getting his wife a Chick-fil-A franchise. Let’s repeat that, Scott Pruitt was calling, as a member of the president’s cabinet, to influence a CEO to award his wife a franchise that would greatly benefit his family financially. When asked about it this week, listen to his absurd answer. He claims people are only opposing him because he’s making so much change.

All told, it seems crystal clear the Scott Pruitt era at the EPA needs to wrap up sooner than later. Yesterday his two top aides resigned. Can Pruitt’s resignation be far behind? If so, he and his wife can get back to filling out that Chick-fil-A franchise application and learn how to work a fryer.

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  1. Abuse of power, position and authority comes in all forms in the corrupt Trump administration. Birds of a feather, vultures, flock together!


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